Grimm x Tilly at 6.5 weeks

These six puppies had an exciting day of playing outside, baths, nail trims and then photos. They had a fun day for sure.

Robin (boy)

Robin us biggest in the litter, mostly chill but loves to plays with his littermates. Very cuddley and wants to be in your lap and likes being held.

Falcon (boy)

Falcon is a nice moderate size boy with medium energy level; seems keen to play and engage. Playful and likes to be on the go. Quite athletic and coordinated especially for his age.

Sparrow (girl)

Sparrow started off calm and quiet, but has come out of her shell a lot in the last week. She’s super playful and loves to engage with people. She’s very athletic and fun, loves toys and running around.

Wren (girl)

Wren is a small and fluffy ball of fun; very engaging and happy; always wiggling and pleased with herself. Loves to play and generally isn’t timid of new situations or things.

Finch (girl)

Finch is very friendly and easy; she’s naturally pretty calm. She will play with her littermates but never starts things and backs out when things get too wild. She’s not scared at all; just would rather hang out than play super roughly. She’s a very well mannered sweetheart.

Chickadee (girl)

Chickadee is very smart, engaging and keen to learn; makes lots of natural eye contact; very outgoing and social; is one of the heavier females weight wise but looks slighter due to a shorter, tighter coat. Very agile – was the first out of the whelping box and first to easily jump the sides of the kiddie pool (used for their potty area).

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