Please be advised: We have one litter planned for this Winter. It will be raised in Quebec. More details to come.

To be notified about the upcoming breeding and availability, please use the Sign-up form below and fill out the questionnaire below as well. We may not get back to you immediately, but will do so when we have confirmed pregnancy.

We would also strongly encourage you to think carefully about how you will properly socialize and train a puppy at this time. We are not saying that it’s not possible, you just need to plan appropriately. The Australian Shepherd is a breed that need socialization, training, mental stimulation and lots of exercise.

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If you are prepared to wait 8 months for a puppy or more, please use this form to contact us about being added to our waiting list. You will be added to our Newsletter and we will do or best to respond to questions. Otherwise we will reply when we have news about litter plans. We have a family, farm and run business, so please have patience with us. Thank you!