Oracle Puppy On the Way: Training Resources

Some of the puppies from our first litter (2010) – Heiress, Kai, Rigby, Lotto and Lexi

This is a list of online resources, schools and e-books that we recommend. This is a list we will come back to and add to as more resources become available.

Online Schools and Courses

Cognitive Canine – Paid and free resources
Happy Crating Course can be accessed here, too – this is an excellent resource for happy crate training.

Canine Education Academy – fully online puppy school – taught by a good friend and I highly recommend this resource

Fenzi Dog Academy – Pet Dog Training

Growing Up – Fenzi Dog Academy e-Book – FREE e-book with some great resources

Basics Training Videos:
This is a long one, but well worth the watch.

This one is very important right now:

Add to this topic:
Denise Fenzi article on socialization during COVID

More in depth topics:

How to Stuff a Puppy Toy: